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The Winter 2000 Authors

E.P. Allan is a teacher of English as a Second Language from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Mr. Allan has been writing for 25 years, first to "rebel against the strict Lutheran ideals within my high school." He has published poems and stories in The Kansas Quarterly, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, First Class, and others, and received the American Poets' Award and the Cole Younger Poet's Award.

Michael David Coffey is a Professor and Plant Pathologist from Riverside California. Mr. Coffey is a new author, having written for the past two years, for "spiritual healing." He has published poetry in the anthology Will Work for Peace, edited by Brett Axel, and was a featured poet at Poetry Super Highway.

Richard Fein is poet from Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Fein has been writing for the past 25 years and has appeared in a number of print and e-zines.

Linda Sue Grimes is a Kids' Books Guide at and resides in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Ms. Grimes has been writing for 38 years, encouraged by her high school history teacher. She has published poems in ELF, The Berkeley Poetry Review, RATTLE, ONETHEBUS, Salt River Review and others. Ms. Grimes has received the Royal Memorial Poetry Prize, First and Second Runners-up in the Wide-Open Poetry magazine's contest, and honorable mention in the Atlanta Review poetry contest.

Paul Kloppenborg is a librarian from Glen Waverly, Australia. Mr. Kloppenborg has been writing for 20 years to "push the form of what a poem is, to explore what I don't yet understand." He has published poems in two current anthologies, numerous magazines in Australia, and e-zines around the globe. He has also appeared in the Fall 1997 issue of The Fairfield Review.

Linda Lerner is a part-time college English teacher from Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Lerner has been writing since she can remember, as "a way of getting in touch with what I think and feel." She has published poems in many journals, including The New York Quarterly, Chiron Review, Home Planet News, Haight Ashbury Literary review and Bouillabaisse. She has also published five collections of poetry, most recently ANYTIMEBLUES, from Ye Olde Font Shoppe press. Ms. Lerner is a member of Poets 7 Writers.

Alan MacDougall was a well-know poet, and poetry slam artist, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. MacDougall died suddenly in April, 1999. His sister and publisher, Barbara Dan, has assembled a collection of his work, titled Poetry Grand Slam Finale, which comes out this spring. (ISBN 1-884898-09-2). For further information, please contact Barbara Dan at Eden Publishing.

David Meuel is a free-lance writer, specializing in speeches for corporate executives and marketing material, from Palo Alto, California. Mr. Meuel has been writing short stories, stage plays, television scripts, and poems for the past 25 years. He writes that he "began writing poetry about 10 years ago in large part because poems are short and I could actually complete several and get a few of them published every year -- a practical if not a noble reason." Mr. Meuel has published poems in university reviews and literary magazines in both the U.S. and Canada, and received a First Place award for his poetry collection, Islands in the Sky, in the 1997 National Self-published Book Awards sponsored by Writer's Digest Magazine. He also appeared in the Summer-Fall 1999 issue of The Fairfield Review.

Rowan Wolf is the nom de plume of Ulf Ronnquist, a telecom engineer from Long Beach, California. Mr. Ronnquist has been writing for the past 30 years and has appeared in a number of e-zines in the U.S., as well as periodicals in Sweden. Succinctly said, he writes because he "just had to."

John Walsh is a computer instructor from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mr. Walsh has been writing for eight years, in "appreciation and envy of Whitman, Stevens, and Yeats." This is his first publication.

Yosh Katz is a student at the Graduate School for Creative Writing at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Katz has been writing poetry, novels and screen plays for the past six years, because it is "a great release, to learn more about who I am." Mr. Katz is a member of the Screenwriters and Writers Guild.

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