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The Summer 2003 Authors

Rebecca Clark is an Attorney from Bow, WA. Ms. Clark has been writing since she was a child, and more consistently since she joined a writing group in 1999. She has published work in Manzanita Quarterly, 4th Street, Snow Monkey, Midwest Poetry Review and other small journals; on-line at Switched-on Gutenberg, Melic Review, Wicked Alice, Gumball Poetry and others.

Bonnie Enes is a graphic designer from South Windsor, CT. Ms. Enes has been writing for "eons." She has published work in The Fairfield Review. Ms. Enes is a member of Thames River Poetry Group based at Waterford Library. She writes "Were I without the ability to write, sanity would be impossible."

Martha F. Fox is Director of the Dodge Writing Center from Rockport, MA. Ms. Fox has been writing for 50 years. She has published work in Poetry Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The Emerson Review, and The Comstock Review. She has won the Dunbar Theme Prize (Buckingham School). Ms. Fox is a member of Bard Writers' Group at Brookwood School. She writes "I hope my publication in The Fairfield Review will lead the way for my students to let their voices be heard in the wider world."

Jane Frazier is a and Instructor at the University of Mississippi from Jackson, MS. Ms. Frazier has been writing for 20 years. She has published work in Reactions, Prism International, Thought Magazine, Bellowing Ark, and other journals. She has won the Graduate Poetry Competition at the University of Mississippi.

Taylor Graham is a writer and editor from Somerset, CA. Ms. Graham has been writing for 43 years. She has published work in The Iowa Review, The New York Quarterly, Poetry International, The Fairfield Review and elsewhere. She has won
the Berkeley Poets Contest. Ms. Graham is a member of Poetry Espresso, Red Fox Poetry.

Cary Griffith is a freelance writer and technology consultant from Rosemount, MN. Mr. Griffith has been writing for 30 years, much of which has been nonfiction prose. He started writing poetry about 9 months ago. He has published work in the Adirondack Review, FMAM, Bovine Free Wyoming, and the Lake Country Journal. Mr. Griffith is a member of The Loft, Lake Superior Writers Association, Minnesota Poets Society, and others.

B. D. Lynch is a student at New York University and writer from New Castle, PA. Mr. Lynch has been writing for 5 years. He has published work in the Chelsea Review, Blindman's Rainbow, and English Journal. He has won the Bennington Young Writers Contest, National Young Artist Award, Creative Communications, Gannon College, and the National Holocaust Society.

Louis McKee is a writer from Philadelphia, PA. Mr. McKee has published 10 books, including River Architecture: Selected Poems, Cynic Press, 1999.

Kate Moses is a Fine Art Public Relations (Recovering academic/English teacher) from Santa Fe, NM. Ms. Moses has been writing for 30 years. She has published Dissenting Fictions, Garland Press, 2000, and numerous articles in literary journals. The Fairfield Review is the first venue to publish her poetry.

Celia Rosales is a writer from Seattle, WA. Ms. Rosales has published work in Collage & Bricolages, LeForum, Ceteris Paribus, Raven Chronicles and Poets Against The War. She is a member of Seattle Writer's Association. She writes "Your cards ain't worth a dime unless you lay 'em down."

Steven Scarpa is a reporter for the Connecticut Post from Shelton, CT. Mr. Scarpa has been writing as a journalist for four years. He has published news articles for the Old Saybrook Pictorial Gazette, the Norwalk Citizen-News and the Connecticut Post.

Bruce Spang is Assistant Principal of an elementary school from Falmouth, ME. Mr. Spang has been writing since he was 20, his last two years in college. He has published work in Rattle, Northwest Review, Ellipsis, Cafe Review and Off the Coast. Mr. Spang is a member of local writers group in Portland, Maine that meets in his house. He writes "The eye is to the world as the I is to the self."

John Sweet is a state worker from Endicott, NY. Mr. Sweet has been writing for 20 years. He has published work in Iodine, Skidrow Penthouse, Slow Trains, Snow Monkey, Spinning Jenny, and others. He was the featured writer, issue 2 of Painted Moon Quarterly, and issue 2 of Tryst.

Kirby Wright is an Instructor from Vista, CA. Mr. Wright has been writing for 15 years. He has published work in Hawaii Review, Artful Dodge, Blue Mesa
Review and The Fairfield Review. He has won the Browning Society Award for Dramatic Monologue, Anne Fields Poetry Prize, the Academy of American Poets Award, and a Fellowship in Poetry by Silicon Valley Arts Council.

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