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Words and Music
by Gordon Edwards

In a famous passage in Plato's Republic he suggests that there comes a time when society must lead the poets to the gates of the city, and exile them from the State "lest the taste of our citizens be corrupted by [them]." 1 Today we and our fellow artists invite you to venture forth with us to the edge of the city.

Since this program follows the Feast of the Epiphany on the Christian Church calendar, we are drawing upon that celebration, to reflect on the epiphanies we experience in our faith, as well as in the poet's experience and writing. As the Magi, or wise men, followed the star, so too poets follow the muse. This is both journey and revelation, discovering the truths that rise up out of the following and writing of poetic words. In hearing these words we too--as modern day Magi--have the opportunity to share in the experience when the essence of life becomes manifest.

It is these manifestations of reality that provide the context for the poems you are about to hear. In keeping with the theme for this program, we have each selected pieces that reflect personal epiphanies, moments when there is "a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something." 2 These poems range from everyday events, to personal stories and experiences, to deeper celebrations and reflections. Yet in all, we invite you to find the "more" that is clothed in the simple telling of the tale or the music of these words.

I offer these lines from our Words for Music chapbook to preface this experience of listening to the voices that come to us each day:
            The Soil of Heaven

            He was found
            backing up
            to the earthen door
            of life's common experiences
            and listening
            to the whispers just inside,
            these were voices
            of the Angels' song
            and he was thirsty
            for the Holy sound.
Today, we are delighted to offer these words and the music with which they harmonize.
1 Plato, The Republic, Book III, Socrates - Glaucon.
2 American Heritage Dictionary, epiphany, definition 3a.

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