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Mother's Letter, Ripped in Half
By Angela Davis Tartaglia

Dear Angela,
I don't know how you can
it's as if you never even
Dr. Walker said that my blood pressure
I had to hear about your
from that tramp Tricia at the beauty parlor
Can you imagine how that made
own daughter, who I raised to be a
sacrifices so that you could have
and it's not as if you were easy
can't believe you're living with that
looks like he never worked a day in
calls himself an artist, Tricia said
well, let me tell you honey it takes
to pay the rent - you'll find
Keith was a good provider and after nineteen
how could you just turn your
I think Keith's right - I think your mind
You definitely need to see a
about Carrie and Meg? What kind of values
children? They need structure. They need
clean house like the one you grew up
You are grown up, aren't you?
thirty-five years old, it looks like you
don't know why I even bother
hope you'll soon see the light and call
still your family even though you
all been praying that God will forgive you
if you beg for forgiveness, He
cannot say that I haven't been a good
always tried to make a happy
it get me? A slap in the face!
one day your children might treat
then maybe you'll understand the hell you've put
just don't understand Angela how could
how could you

love Alw

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