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Robinson Crusoe
by Isabelle Ghaneh

During the island years we sat and talked a lot, didn't we
each day sparkled but then the night came cold and black
we watched the telly
the brits say the testy the tube the potato maker
in all the books I buried myself in then they all came from England
I wonder why
if you were on a desert island what would it feel like
would you learn anything about people I mean
would you look at them like moving pictures on a screen
the seagulls the crawfish the turtles
would you want to be one
what is it like to be alive
I wish I knew, I thought then
I was
what I was
lost me
shipwrecked me
you were first two then ten then twelve
I could paint pictures with you
play Clue
watch the world through your eyes since mine were blind
I was deaf and dumb
Helen Keller of the 80's
we lived like Hansel and Gretel
didn't we
with that poor woman' that witch
pity the poor sad witch
my mad mother, dusting the sky with her broom, her venom
venom always venom
poor woman, poor witch
when I look back at the lost years
the years when you were two or ten or twelve
I remember I am Robinson Crusoe and you are Friday
that's not so bad
even then we had
will have always
a beach
a sea breeze
a spot of color
the sound of music somewhere floating overhead
a song
someone else is singing but we can hear
we can start to hear
blue sky
the island years all rolled up into one big year
it lasted ten years
you now are two times ten
plus one
and I am a swimmer
the best there is
the best there ever was
I swam off my island
eight years ago
my birthday
it was yours too
plus one day
the one I only
maybe you if you can remember
(but I don't remember anything you told me)

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