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            By Lynda M. Forman

            take away the darkness
            for this moment
            and see me
            standing before you
            so naked of
            all pretense and
            ideas of being okay now that

            you can see
            that bruise on my arm
            was from the time he threatened to
            put me in his trunk

            that the wrinkles on my forehead
            are from wondering if I could be anything
            without him and
            some of them are from believing it

            that my sex is spoiled
            from the night I spent pretending
            to enjoy his muscles
            overpowering me

            but underneath the darkness I impose
            lies the truth
            because I refused to tell you

            some words I can’t remember
            because I have pushed them inside
            so that they can not surface
            as all too true nightmares

            he would push me to the guest bed
            when his parents were gone
            and he would relieve his desires in
            somehow I believed it
            to be my duty

            the martyr for all girls who
            have been raped for years
            without realizing it

            but I knew him
            and I never said no


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