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          By Bonnie Enes

          Jilly walked on your Corvette today, left goat-hoof gouges
          in the forest green paint. Aware of this before you are,
          I sit at the kitchen table drinking a glass of wine, numbing
          myself against the impending doom while studying the ivy
          hanging in the pot above my head.

          You slam open the kitchen door, mouth running and, instead
          of inhaling the heat of your rage, instead of being sliced
          by your words:

          You idiot!
          You fool!

          I conjure up Neil Young:

          Hey, hey, my, my,
          rock 'n roll
          can never die...

          As your skin shades from Irish pink to Italian red (am I the only
          one who ever sees you display this ability to facially travel
          between your nationalities), darned if Neil doesn’t appear behind
          you, holds out his hand to me, leads me out the back door
          and down the hill where the wild roses bloom.

          My, my,
          hey, hey,
          rock 'n roll
          is here to stay...

          Neil lies down and gently (since he’s gone unplugged) pulls me
          down to him, as your fist slams on the table, causing wine
          to slurp out of the glass, leaving red tears on pine and you shout:

          To make enough
          to afford
          a car like that!

          But, there’s still more
          to this picture
          than meets the eye...
          Hey, hey,
          my, my,
          rock 'n roll will
          never die...

          Neil and I, do not skip a beat, as the intensity intensifies. You
          dead stop, look into my eyes, know I’ve tuned you out.
          In the black pools you see what’s going down with Neil and me,
          and as our heat, our humidity forces a wet heaviness into
          your words, you give it up, ask me if I want to go upstairs. I hold
          back for just a moment,

          My my,
          hey, hey,
          rock 'n roll
          is here to stay…

          til Neil and I are finished.

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